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Orland Park Il 60467

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'Cages - Reservations Encouraged'




Maps & Directions

- Machine Cage

We offer 6 baseball and one softball cage that utilize Iron Mike pitching machines. We custom calibrate them for your desired speed and height. L-screens are provided in each if you want to live pitch to hitters. cages also have netted back drops so coach can see with hitters for instruction

- Live Cage

On-deck offers two live cages that have moveable mounds along with pitching targets. They both are 60’.6” long. One of them is netted for hitting so teams can utilize pitching catching and hitting in 1 cage

- Long Toss

Area where you can utilize the throws from catcher to second. Out field to infield. Also ground balls can be hit for fielding practice. The area also has a moveable mound and pitching target

- Drill Cage

Small  netted cage used for soft toss and batting  T work. Has L-screen for protection. Economical for those budget minded

- Class Room

Class room for up to 18 players. Dry erase board and Flat screen monitor available. Great place to have your team meetings, go over signs and  fielding assignments etc. Good idea to run in conjunction with hitting practice, to keep team learning while others are working on their hitting.

15 min.
30 min.
1 hour
Machine Cage $13.00 $23.00 $39.00
Live Cage $10.00 $18.00 $30.00
Long Toss $12.00 $23.00 $35.00
Drill $5.00 $10.00 $15.00
Class Room     $15.00



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